Seminars on Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour

Seminars organized jointly by Tomasz Osiejuk (Department of Behavioural Ecology), Jacek Radwan (Evolutionary Biology Group) and Lechosław Kuczyński (Population Ecology Lab). Meetings will take place in room Mała Aula on Wednesdays at 12:15.

During the academic year 2021/2022 some seminars are held remotely.

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Seminars planned for Academic year 2021/2022:

Katerina SamBiology Center Academy of the Czech Republic & University of South Bohemia6th Marcin Antczak Award ceremony and special lecture by awarded Katerina Sam: "Birds - their senses and ecological importance"
Paweł MirskiUniversity of Białystok & Estonian University of Life Sciences7th Marcin Antczak Award ceremony and special lecture by awarded Paweł Mirski: "The use of birds of prey movement data in landscape ecology"
17.11.2021Maciej EjsmondGenomics and Experimental Evolution Group, Jagiellonian University, PolandHow adaptive immunity shapes life histotry evolution
24.11.2021Joseph TomkinsSchool of Biological Sciences, University of Western AustraliaThe evolution of dizygotic twinning in humans
15.12.2021Anna RobertsInstitute of Human Biology and Evolution, AMU Poznań, PolandSocial brain hypothesis and gestural communication in wild chimpanzees
12.01.2022Tom PriceInstitute of Infection, Veterinary and Ecological Sciences, University of Liverpool, UKMale fertility and climate change
19.01.2022Zuzanna RosinDepartment of Avian Biology and Ecology, AMU, Poznań, PolandVillage modernization: an overlooked driver of farmland bird declines?
26.01.2022Przemysław KurekDepartment of Plant Ecology and Environmental Protection, AMU Poznań, PolandSeed dispersal in forests - natural processes in an unnatural landscapes
02.02.2022Michał BrzozowskiDepartment of Hydrobiology, AMU Poznań, Poland