Current research themes at the Population Ecology Lab

Ongoing projects

We are mainly supported by the National Science Centre, with over 2.1M PLN (504k EUR) funding since our Lab was launched in 2016.

National Science Centre, Poland (2018/31/D/NZ8/00080)

Social learning of risk recognition in wild birds

National Science Centre, Poland (2018/28/T/NZ8/00060)

Dispersal strategies in eriophyoid mites

National Science Centre, Poland (2019/32/T/NZ8/00151)

Specialization trade-offs and ecology of dispersal in phytophagous mites

European Funds, Infrastructure and Environment (POIS.02.04.00-00-0018/16)

Action Plan for the Conservation of the Montagu’s Harrier in Poland

National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (48/2015/F)

Monitoring of bird populations in Poland

Dean of the Faculty of Biology AMU (GDWB-07/2018)

Mechanisms to maintain heterozygosity during dispersal in a haplodiploid mite species