Our recent paper presents a protocol for studying passive dispersal of microscopic invertebrates which includes the construction of versatile dispersal tunnels, a theoretical framework quantifying the movement via wind or vectors, and a hierarchical Bayesian approach appropriate to the structure of the dispersal data.


Kuczyński, L., Radwańska, A., Karpicka-Ignatowska, K., Laska, A., Lewandowski, M., Rector, B.G., Majer, A., Raubic, J., Skoracka, A. 2020. A comprehensive and cost-effective approach for investigating passive dispersal in minute invertebrates with case studies of phytophagous eriophyid mites. Experimental and Applied Acarology https://doi.org/10.1007/s10493-020-00532-z

Galerida cristata - Crested lark 23

Our recent paper published in Bird Study describes habitat preferences of the Crested Lark in western Poland. It seems that the Crested Lark is one of a few species that benefit from the intensification of agriculture.

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Mateusz Lisiecki, Łukasz Dylewski, Barbara E. Kistowska & Marcin Tobółka (2020) The Crested Lark Galerida cristata as an example of a bird species that benefits from agricultural management in western Poland, Bird Study, https://doi.org/10.1080/00063657.2020.1808589

Agnieszka Majer and Kamila Karpicka-Ignatowska received PRELUDIUM grants financed by the National Science Centre in Poland. Agnieszka will study competition-dispersal trade-off in phytophagous mites. Kamila will find out whether passively dispersed herbivores rely on semiochemical cues when undertaking dispersal and how the ability to detect kairomones depends on the level of host specialization and environmental heterogeneity.

Our recent paper describes a novel experimental approach for studying life-history traits of minute phytophagous arthropods

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Karpicka-Ignatowska et al. 2019. A novel experimental approach for studying life-history traits of phytophagous arthropods utilizing an artificial culture medium. Scientific Reports 9, 20327


Kamila Karpicka-Ignatowska and Ania Radwańska, MSc students in our Lab, have been awarded Educational Scholarship of Greater Poland Voivodeship Marshal. Furthermore, Kamila, Ania, Kasia Markowska (MSc student), and Monika Stefańska (BSc student) have been awarded the Rector of Adam Mickiewicz University scholarships for outstanding students. Congratulations!

Alicja Laska has been awarded Adam Mickiewcz University Foundation scholarship dedicated to outstanding PhD students. Congratulations!

Our recent paper published in Animal Behaviour describes how behaviour, morphology and environment influence passive dispersal in phytophagous wheat curl mite.

The paper is part of Alicja’s PhD thesis. Congratulations!

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Laska A., Rector B. G., Skoracka A., Kuczyński L. 2019. Can your behaviour blow you away? Contextual and phenotypic precursors to passive aerial dispersal in phytophagous mites. Animal Behaviour 155, 141-151. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.anbehav.2019.07.003