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National Science Centre PRELUDIUM grants

Agnieszka Majer and Kamila Karpicka-Ignatowska received PRELUDIUM grants financed by the National Science Centre in Poland. Agnieszka will study competition-dispersal trade-off in phytophagous mites. Kamila will find out whether passively dispersed herbivores rely on semiochemical cues when undertaking dispersal and how the ability to detect kairomones depends on the level of host specialization and environmental […]

New paper: A novel method for rearing tiny plant-feeding arthropods

Our recent paper describes a novel experimental approach for studying life-history traits of minute phytophagous arthropods More info: Karpicka-Ignatowska et al. 2019. A novel experimental approach for studying life-history traits of phytophagous arthropods utilizing an artificial culture medium. Scientific Reports 9, 20327 https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-019-56801-4

Scholarships for our students!

Kamila Karpicka-Ignatowska and Ania Radwańska, MSc students in our Lab, have been awarded Educational Scholarship of Greater Poland Voivodeship Marshal. Furthermore, Kamila, Ania, Kasia Markowska (MSc student), and Monika Stefańska (BSc student) have been awarded the Rector of Adam Mickiewicz University scholarships for outstanding students. Congratulations!

New paper: Precursors to aerial dispersal in wheat curl mite

Our recent paper published in Animal Behaviour describes how behaviour, morphology and environment influence passive dispersal in phytophagous wheat curl mite. The paper is part of Alicja’s PhD thesis. Congratulations! More info: Laska A., Rector B. G., Skoracka A., Kuczyński L. 2019. Can your behaviour blow you away? Contextual and phenotypic precursors to passive aerial […]

National Science Centre grant for Alicja

Alicja Laska received ETIUDA grant from National Science Centre in Poland to study evolutionary trade-offs in host specialization and dispersal in phytophagous mites, and for 6-months scholarship in the University of Ghent (Belgium). Congratulations!

National Science Centre grant

Lechosław Kuczyński received OPUS grant from National Science Centre in Poland to study population-level consequences of social information use in birds. More info: project page

Marcin Antczak Award

The 4th Marcin Antczak Award for the most inspiring ornithological paper published in 2017 goes to Jakub Szymkowiak from our Lab! The Award commemorates Marcin Antczak, who was an excellent field ornithologist, but also our good friend. He tragically died in car accident on his way to the field on 2nd May 2014, in his […]

New paper: the first national survey of the Montagu’s Harrier population in Poland

Our recent paper published in Bird Conservation International is the first attempt to estimate the size of the Polish breeding population of the highly vulnerable farmland raptor: the Montagu’s Harrier. By combining multiple sources of data we estimated the Polish Montagu’s Harrier population at almost 3,400 breeding pairs, thus constituting 20% of the European Union […]