Effects of mast seeding on population dynamics of forest birds

PI: Jakub Szymkowiak, Michał Bogdziewicz

Co-investigators: Lechosław Kuczyński

Description: Mast seeding, viz. synchronized and intermittent production of a large seed crop, can have critical consequences for forest communities, as it may affect population dynamics, resource-consumer interactions, and top-down and bottom-up effects in food webs. In this project, we study effects of mast seeding on population dynamics of forest birds, focusing mainly on how ecological and life-history traits affect the way birds respond to masting.

More info: jakubszymkowiak.wordpress.com

Selected publications:

Szymkowiak J., Kuczyński L. 2015. Avoiding predators in a fluctuating environment: responses of the wood warbler to pulsed resources. Behavioral Ecology, 26: 601-608, DOI: 10.1093/beheco/aru237